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With workplace evaluations for social distancing, PPE supply and temperature screenings, HealthBaar is partnering with local businesses to help ensure the safety and compliance of their teams.

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Changing the way healthcare is “consumed”

At HealthBaar, we’re looking to change the way healthcare is delivered one step at a time. You’ve never been able to shop for services provided by skilled clinicians. Now you can. 

With a la carte ordering, you can pick any number of our available services.

Our growing team of 175+ licensed clinicians

Which type of service are you looking for?

Temperature Screening

Onsite workplace temperature screening for streamlined testing.

A nurse wearing a facemark taking a mans forehead temperature reading. The man is wearing a button down white shirt.

Rate: $60/hr.

COVID-19 Nasal Swab Testing

Convenient onsite COVID-19 testing to meet the needs of your business and team.

Rate: Starting at $170; based on qty.

Blood Testing/Laboratory Services

Direct access to blood work testing through our affiliate partner whenever you want, without a doctor’s order.

Rate: Price varies depending on testing ordered

Ride YourWay – Wheelchair & Ambulatory Transportation

West Michigan’s highest customer-rated and most affordable source of medical & non-medical transportation, specializing in wheelchair-accessible transportation.

Rate: Visit Website

COVID-19 Saliva Testing

Convenient onsite COVID-19 testing to meet the needs of your business and team.

Rate: $180/test

COVID-19 Antibody Tests

Onsite antibody testing for your team. Know the results in 15 minutes!

Rate: $55/employee (min. 20)

Health Promotion/Education Sessions

Covering a wide variety of topics, educate your team on complex health
conditions and processes!

Rate: $60/hr.

Workplace Evaluation

Determine the best office layout for effective social distancing.

An office setting. There are 4 employees spaced out sitting at white desks. The spacing is meant to represent social distancing.

Rate: $90/hr.

Medical Perspective – Retainer

Have access to a medical perspective whenever you need it.

A picture of a nurse wearing a stethoscope around her neck and holding a book to her chest. You cannot see her face or below the waste.

Rate: Monthly Fee – Varies

Service Extenders

Have a clinical service that you can’t complete due to a lack of skilled clinicians? See how we can help you reach more clients and expand your services!

Rate: Varies based on service and duration

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